On March 20, 2020 the coronavirus stay-at-home orders went into effect. In California, roadway vehicle collisions significantly decreased. According to a UC Davis survey, the decrease in collisions was approximately 15,000 monthly. There have also been more than 5,000 fewer monthly injury accidents. Researchers believe this can be either directly or indirectly attributed to the stay at home order given by the California governor. When these statistics are compared to the previous year’s statistics, it represents a drop of more than 59 percent in traffic volume. Collisions that occur on roadways protected by the California Highway Patrol have dropped over 49 percent.

Limited Vehicle Use
People have been forced to limit their vehicle usage. They now only drive to obtain food, other essentials, as well as to go to work. It was anticipated vehicle collisions would be reduced. Since restaurants and bars have been closed, this has led to having fewer drunk drivers on the road. Researchers were amazed at the amount of reduction. There has never before been this type of experiment that covered the entire state of California. The limits of vehicle usage have significantly decreased traffic and provided a way to monitor public health implications in real-time.

Evenly Distributed
The decrease in California traffic accidents was experienced evenly in all areas of the state. California’s major transportation routes used most often for freight movement are getting significantly less traffic. There are many urban highways used by tens of thousands of people daily. These highways are also experiencing a significant decrease in usage by vehicles.

Accidents Still Occur
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