Keeping your kids safe is your top priority. You do all that you can to ensure that they will be protected in the event of a car accident. However, there are no guarantees. And it is possible that your child may suffer whiplash if you collide with another vehicle. If your child has been harmed in a crash, despite the fact that they were in a safety seat, the fault may lie with the way you installed it or the equipment itself. When an event like this happens, you should call a child injury lawyer Los Angeles. A child injury lawyer Los Angeles will help you get to the bottom of what happened with the safety equipment. They will also help you get compensation if a manufacturer was at fault.

The Causes of Whiplash in Kids
Studies have shown that most parents do not use child seats and restraints properly. If you are a parent, it is important to get this right. You should always read the child seat instruction manual thoroughly. If you have further questions, you should visit the website of the company that made the seat.

The companies that make child seats and restraints are sometimes at fault for whiplash in kids. Minor defects in the products they make can lead to serious injury if you are in a collision.

Why Kids Are Susceptible to Whiplash Injuries
Prepubescent kids have relatively weak spine strength—only 25% of that of an adult. Their spine and necks are not able to withstand the force of an impact as well as that of an adult, and this can damage their health long-term. Toddlers are especially vulnerable to this type of injury. Because of their extreme youth they will not be able to articulate the source of the pain. However, they will show it through constant crying, vomiting, difficult breathing, and other symptoms.

If you think that your child has suffered whiplash, then you should:

  • -Take them to a doctor immediately
  • -Keep a record of their health problems
  • -Follow the doctor’s advice to the letter
  • -Document how the whiplash injury has affected your child’s health and life
  • -Seek legal advice

Who Should Pay?
If your child has suffered a whiplash injury owing to a child seat defect, this will naturally be your first question. The Los Angeles child injury attorney you hire will help you answer it. Your Los Angeles child injury attorney will investigate the circumstances of the crash thoroughly. They will also carry out extensive research on the make and model of the child seat and find out if similar defects have been reported elsewhere. Your personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will bring all such evidence to bear in negotiations with the manufacturers. Your personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will work tirelessly to get your family the compensation they deserve.

A child whiplash injury is serious. You should search for a child injury lawyer near me if you suspect that something went wrong with the child seat or safety restraints you use. Contacting a child injury lawyer near me will give you options for possible legal action.