If someone’s child is injured during a time they are under another person’s care, it is possible to bring a claim against those responsible. When a person or organization accepts the responsibility of caring for a child, and their carelessness or inattention causes a child to get injured, they could be found guilty of negligent supervision. A person whose child was injured in this way should discuss their situation with a child injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Many things must be proven for a person to make a case of negligent supervision. It must be established that an individual or organization did accept responsibility for the care of a child and it must be shown how the caregiver failed to be responsible. A person may want to describe the appropriate level of supervision required and how the caregiver didn’t provide it. It must also be established that a child’s injuries were the result of a caregiver failing to provide appropriate supervision. Additionally, it must be proven that the child’s injury was foreseeable. This means it must be established a reasonable person could have anticipated the possibility of the injury and would have taken steps to avoid it. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will know what it takes to prove negligent supervision of a child.

Level Of Supervision
Caregivers should understand what level of supervision is required by a child. There are many factors that must be considered prior to providing care, including:

  • When caring for a large number of children, a caregiver should provide a higher level of supervision.
  • Older children do not require as much supervision as younger children.
  • When a child has behavioral problems, it will be necessary to monitor them more closely.
  • Should a daycare be located near a busy road or swimming pool, they will need stricter supervision than children in an environment with fewer risks.
  • A child who has a mental or physical disability will require an increased level of monitoring.

Any individual or organization that agrees to care for a child can be made responsible for negligent supervision. Here are some examples:

  • Other parents
  • Teachers
  • Nannies
  • Daycare providers
  • Camp counselors
  • Babysitters
  • Schools
  • Churches

Ratio Of Child-To-Caregiver
A common cause of negligent supervision involves having more children than a caregiver can reasonably supervise. A caregiver is responsible for not taking on more children than they can appropriately monitor. When there is an inappropriate ratio of child to caregiver, and a child is injured, a Los Angeles child injury attorney will know how to hold them accountable.

Should someone’s child become injured due to a lack of supervision from a caregiver, they should discuss their case with an attorney. They will carefully review the facts of a case. If you are in need of an attorney, simple search online for a “child attorney near me” or contact our law firm if you are in the Los Angeles area. Our team of legal professionals know what is necessary to get a person fair compensation for their child’s injuries.