Following the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, many are questioning whether celebrity and producer Alec Baldwin will face wrongful death charges. Hutchens was killed and director Joel Souza injured last week when Baldwin’s prop gun accidentally went off during the filming of “Rust” in New Mexico.

With any wrongful death case, a full investigation helps make sense of the accident for surviving family members. Multiple personal injury lawyers have determined there will be more than one defendant involved. This had been the second time an accidental firing happened on set this month after confirmation that “the gun was cold,” according to the LA Times.

People across social media paralleled the tragedy to the shooting of the 1993 film “The Crow.” Like Hutchins, actor Brandon Lee died after getting shot in the abdomen. Like Baldwin, the crew left a makeshift bullet in the gun when the scene intended to use blank rounds.

Film and television productions have always had strict protocols for gun safety on set. With fatal on-set shootings being so rare, Hutchins’ family will likely receive a relatively large settlement. But determining liability will not be as straightforward.

Right now, the person of interest in this case is Hannah Gutierrez Reed. Reed was the designated armorer. An armorer for movie set productions is responsible for overseeing that all weapons are used safely and correctly by actors and stunt crews. She should have ensured the gun was loaded properly without live rounds.

Blame is also placed on Assistant Director Dave Halls. He was the one who gave Baldwin the prop after verbally stating it was safe to use before filming. A wrongful death lawyer would rule that he is just as negligent.

This unfortunate event has become a topic of interest for everyone. As one of the producers, Baldwin is expected to answer questions regarding the production company’s implementation of safety procedures. In New Mexico, they might also face involuntary manslaughter charges on top of the wrongful death suit.

So far no charges have been filed, but the investigation is expected to continue by Santa Fe authorities.