Ride Sharing Accidents: Who is Indeed Liable?


The ride sharing industry has witnessed a tremendous growth in the last couple of years. The market leaders Uber and Lyft have become part of major city transportation systems majorly due to the cheap cost and flexible routes. Ride sharing differs from traditional transport systems in terms of liability. Have you ever thought of what happens in the event of an accident involving a ride sharing company?

Ride sharing companies maintain strict requirements that must be fulfilled by their drivers. Yet, the drivers are expected to possess an insurance that will cover their passenger when an accident occurs. The ride sharing companies are not liable to the passenger when an accident involves one of their drivers. Ride sharing drivers rely on their own insurance to cover their passengers. In recent time, the popularity of this new mode of transportation has made insurance companies have insurance policies strictly for ride sharing drivers.

Whenever an accident occurs, you will have minimal coverage. You are left with an option of going after a claim from the driver’s insurance company. Your last option is to go after the ride sharing company if the driver’s insurance policy cannot cover your claims. In all these scenarios, without a ride sharing accident lawyer, you may be unfairly denied your claims. Ride sharing accident lawyers are your best bet in filing for claims and being compensated. They are experts with experience in seeking claims from insurance companies for issues relating to personal injury and ride sharing accidents.

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