Ridesharing accidents are more common than you might think. For peace of mind, consider contacting a ride sharing accident attorney Los Angeles to protect yourself and your family.

On July 28, 2020, Revel, a moped ride-sharing service in New York City, announced via Twitter that it would be suspending services for the foreseeable future.

This announcement came the same day that a Brooklyn man crashed the moped he was renting into a light pole. Jeremy Malave, 32, was pronounced dead at a local hospital, as a result of severe head trauma.

Revel later clarified through their spokesperson that the suspension only applies to their New York City service at this time. They also provide services in Washington, D.C.; Miami; Austin, Texas; and Oakland, California. These ride-sharing services will continue to operate as usual. For these services, riders may want to have a ridesharing accident lawyer on their side.

Earlier the same month, police reported another fatal crash related to a Revel moped rental. In that case, a 26-year-old female was riding on the back, and died after impact. The driver survived, but suffered injuries requiring medical care. A personal injury attorney Los Angeles would be necessary to recoup expenses, should this happen here.

Revel is taking this time to reevaluate the safety of their moped service. Anyone 21 and older could rent by downloading an app and unlocking a moped from a nearby kiosk.

The rental comes with two helmets and strict safety instructions. The company reports that they have had to suspend thousands of riders already for breaking the rules. Such careless behavior can also put other drivers at risk, which is why a personal injury attorney Los Angeles is necessary for anyone out on the road.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio commented on the latest accident and concern for rider safety. During a news conference, he stated: “They cannot be open in this city unless they find a way to actually make the service safe,” de Blasio said. “And if they don’t come back with their way to make the service safe, we will not allow them to reopen at all.”

Ridesharing Accidents
Statistics show that ride-sharing services have increased accidents nationally by as much as 2-3% per year. A ride sharing accident lawyer can assure that you are covered should the need arise. Most of these companies are interested in protecting their own liability, and coverage for drivers and passengers are little to none, depending on the circumstance.

In the case of Revel, the rental agreement does not provide coverage in the case of an accident. The client assumes all liability for their health and life. In fact, Revel will only cover property damage liability if it can be proven that all terms of the rental contract have been followed. Revel will not cover the expenses of its renters; for that one would need their own Los Angeles ride sharing accident lawyer.

Find A Good Ride Sharing Accident Attorney Los Angeles
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