Boat Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

California is one of the States in the U.S that enjoys a pleasant weather year-round. Due to this nature and availability of more waterways particularly in Southern California, more people from around the country consider the state as an ideal destination for a holiday. Most of the tourists take part in recreational boat riding and enjoy what the State has to offer.

An increase in boat activities leads to a rise in boating accidents. In case you or your loved one is involved in a boat or watercraft accident due to the negligent actions of the second party, you should contact our experienced Los Angeles watercraft accident attorneys who will guide you through the entire compensation process.

Even though boats and watercrafts can be fun to use, just like any motor vehicle, they also pose a significant danger. Many reasons can lead to boat accidents resulting in different injuries. Over speeding, operator error, or simply failing to abide by the navigation rules set by the Maritime can lead to boat accidents which can cause serious injuries or sometimes death.

According to, in 2015 alone, Southern California witnessed more than 190 boat accidents with 51 cases of injuries that resulted in ten deaths. This is the highest number of casualties suffered in this coast since 2011. In 2014, the entire country witnessed around 1,500 accidents that resulted in more than 1,000 casualties. These figures reflect the seriousness of these accidents and represent the highest number of casualties suffered on private boats and canoes. The majority of these cases were a direct result of negligence and ignorance.

The increasing popularity of personal watercrafts in California has been growing since the early 90’s. Their speed, small size, eases of use and operate, affordability, and their maneuverability has made them ideal for those seeking to experience a thrill in open water. They are also built for safety because their propulsion system is not built with external propellers.

Even with these impressive features, they still fall behind when it comes to steering. To steer this piece of machine, you have to aim the nozzle of the pump jet, making it difficult to steer them in the case of an emergency breakdown. Many accidents happen especially when the operator is slowing down, as he/she loses maneuverability.

Another main common form of watercraft injury is when a rider or sometimes a passenger of the Jet Ski is accidentally ejected off the watercraft and falls on the path of the highly pressurized jet of water from the boat. This mainly results in orifice injuries that can sometimes lead to death. To avoid these cases, the legislations require riders to take certain boating classes to prepare them before using the boat in open water.

Gutierrez Law’s Los Angeles boat and watercraft lawyers have successfully dealt with a huge number of boat accidents. We have dedicated our time to help our clients claim compensations for any injuries that resulted from a direct negligence from the other parties. We help our clients assess the nature of the injuries and come up with a just compensation plan that is equivalent and sometimes more to the injuries and damages sustained. If you or your loved one is involved in a boat accident, get in touch with our Los Angeles Watercraft attorney and get the legal representation that you deserve.