Los Angeles Ride Sharing Accident Lawyer

Our rideshare accident attorneys are of great assistance to individuals who have been harmed or injured in an accident involving rideshare vehicles or drivers. However popular apps for ridesharing have become popular over the years. The lawsuit assumes that the driver’s negligence causes some accident.  The victims in such an accident are entitled to recovery compensation with the assistance of a car accident lawsuit.

The Attorney offer free and confidential consultations. The attorneys also help in the answering questions. If the need arises to pursue a claim the victim is connected to an affiliated ride sharing accident lawyer to help them throughout the legal process.

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is in another name for carpooling. In simple terms, ridesharing can be referred to as the sharing of vehicles to minimize traffic congestion, the automobile emissions as well as the number of trips made by the vehicles. There are many reasons for ridesharing, and recently rideshare companies have emerged to take people around town. Some of the most popular rideshare companies include Lyft and Uber that operate through smartphone apps.  Using the app one can request for a driver to their desired destination.

Kinds of the Insurance Required for the Drivers.

A vehicle insurance is the main insurance needed for rideshare company drivers. The drivers are responsible for their respective vehicle insurance. Depending on the rideshare company, the drivers are set to several insurance policies in their contracts.

Car Accident Injuries

An average of 1 million days annually is spent by the Americans in hospitals to treat injuries because of motor vehicle crashes.

Some of the most popular injuries related to car accidents include broken bones, whiplash, death, spine injuries, brain injuries and internal injuries. The people involved in an accident may also face psychological and emotional injuries.

Rideshare Lawsuit Claims

Our rideshare accident attorneys record the filing of lawsuits claiming negligence on rideshare driver’s side.  In 2014, an Uber accident left one child dead and two family members injured. According to the lawsuit claim, the accident came up due to the driver’s use and monitoring of the Uber mobile app. Although Uber claimed not to have carried a passenger at the time of the accident, the family’s claims were forwarded and the family was awarded some undisclosed amount of money. Our ride sharing accident lawyer helped the family recover their entitlement with justice.

Several rideshare accident lawsuits have been filed on other various issues with most of the rideshare companies, most specifically Uber. These lawsuits include allegations of fake rider’s request, misclassification of the Uber drivers among others.

How a Rideshare Accident Attorney can assist

The rideshare companies together with their drivers are required to maintain a safe environment for their passengers, pedestrians, and other commuters. Where there are risks associated with their drive, the law requires that the company should offer adequate warnings and safety. Failure of the company and their drivers to fulfill the duty, they become answerable to personal claims that may come up. The victims are entitled to recover money for lost wages, medical expenses, as well as the pain and suffering, endured. In a case where the victim dies the family is eligible for funeral expenses and a settlement for the pain and suffering associated with losing a loved one.