Did you know that your attorney can include medical expenses in your settlement? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a doctor or has insurance to cover routine appointments and checkups—that is where liens come in.

Angelenos have seen a spike in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury cases this year without knowledge of this great opportunity. Treatment on a lien basis means you can receive medical treatment without having to pay upfront fees.

Instead, your medical provider agrees to stall payments until we win your case. The lien acts as a promise of payment, so you can focus on what’s important – your health. For this to work, you must seek treatment immediately after the accident.

Waiting a few days or weeks can hurt your chances of a successful claim and lien medical treatment. If this is your first accident and you retained the services of a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, here’s what you should know about medical liens:

  • Liens act as a form of secured payment – medical expenses will get deducted from your settlement.
  • It will not negatively impact your case, as the defendant or opposing insurance company is responsible for your payment.
  • The process is similar to the way your health insurance plan might work.
  • You might be worried about the quality of care for lien-based treatments. Some of the best doctors and chiropractors offer to treat patients through a medical lien! It speaks volumes as to how they operate – especially if they’re prioritizing patients’ health over money.
  • Not all doctors will accept liens, so make sure to discuss this with your attorney before booking any appointments.
  • Be mindful of hospital lien deadlines. It varies per state, but you might be able to obtain repayment for any treatments.

We will make sure to negotiate an equitable lien (amount) with medical care providers. It should not exceed the total amount you receive in the lawsuit. Most providers are flexible – they want to settle quickly, just as you do.

At Gutierrez Law, we treat many injuries, from motorcycle collisions to truck crashes and pedestrian accidents. Medical liens have helped hundreds of clients with concerns about filing compensation claims or getting the care they needed to recover.