The Visalia Police Department recently identified the people who were tragically killed in a head-on collision in the Fresno, California area. The accident took place on Monday, July 6, 2020 and left unbelievable devastation in its wake.

A couple in their 70s who had been married for over 50 years were identified by Visalia Police as the victims who perished in the crash. Darrell Cheek, 77 years old, and his wife, Sue Cheek, 72 years of age, were riding in their Nissan when a pickup truck smashed into them head-on.

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According to an investigation into the accident, the pickup truck was speeding off Highway 198 where it ended up traveling straight into oncoming traffic on Mineral King Avenue. It then crashed into the Cheeks’ Nissan.

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According to Sue and Darrell Cheek’s granddaughter, Amanda Waymire, her grandparents were loving, giving people who always put family first and foremost. The Cheeks were residents of Ivanhoe and were retired. They leave behind two children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. A new grandchild they will sadly never get to meet is also expected soon.

Waymire further revealed that her grandfather Darrell was a Vietnam veteran and had worked as an auto parts salesman. She stated that her grandmother Sue worked for many years as an office manager before she retired.

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The driver of the pickup truck, who drove into oncoming traffic and caused the head-on collision that claimed the lives of the Cheeks, was said to be Devin Terry, who is 30 years old. After the accident, Terry was transported to the hospital, where he was batting serious injuries. The police don’t know why he was driving into oncoming traffic.

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