If you ride a motorcycle, you are one of the most vulnerable people on the road. Unlike the operators of cars, trucks, and SUVs, you do not have the protection of a chassis. You will receive the impact of any kind of accident directly. It is for this reason that you must be extra careful when on the road.

  1. Left turning cars
    Nearly half the accidents that occur in the U.S. are the result of a car making a left turn in front of a motorcycle. The danger is greatest when you are riding through the intersection or trying to pass or overtake a car. The best way to avoid this type of accident is to anticipate the action of the driver. If, for example, they are in the intersection waiting to turn, you should slow as you approach. It will give you time to respond if they suddenly turn in front of you.
  2. Lane switching
    If a car is trying to switch into your lane, the risk of an accident is heightened. The driver may not have checked their blind spot, which is why you must be alert to the signals of such a move. The most obvious one is the turn signal. However, you should also look out for turning wheels and the driver checking their mirror.
  3. Head-on collision
    These crashes account for more than half of all motorcyclist fatalities in the country. The best way to avoid it is to read the road ahead of you, keep to the right, and maintain a low speed when approaching an intersection.
  4. Intoxication
    Never operate your motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These substances will reduce your ability to respond quickly to unexpected events.
  5. Excessive speeding
    Driving a motorcycle at high speeds is exhilarating; it is also dangerous. You should never drive fast in crowded and congested areas. And even if you are in a relatively empty area, you should never reach a speed that causes you to lose control of your bike.

The Best Response to a Motorcycle Accident
You may ride carefully and safely, but others on the road may not be as cautious. If you were hit by another vehicle and injured, it is best to call a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. You want the best motorcycle accident attorney you can get. If your injuries are serious, you will need to find the money to pay for the treatment you require to get healthy. Motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles specialize in helping riders who have been harmed because of the carelessness and inattention of others. Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys fight for people like you.