Like hotels and restaurants, nursing homes are also care-giving facilities that are required to offer the highest degree of care to the elderly. Quality of care offered at the nursing homes cannot be compromised. It’s upon that quality that these nursing homes make their businesses successful. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. When the residents and their families file complaints or review the facility based on quality, we’ve noticed that a few things come up most often. This piece has compiled the top complaints residents have about nursing homes and why going to elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles is the best route.

Poor service from staff members of the nursing facility
The elderly people have to rely on other people to do things due to various medical conditions or aging. This makes them feel vulnerable. In cases of an emergency, the residents should have confidence in the staff members that they will act according to circumstances. Poor services from the staff members is a disturbing factor among residents. Here’s where a lawyer specializing in nursing home neglect Los Angeles comes in. Los Angeles elder abuse lawyers will help fight for your rights and services at the nursing home.

Poor food quality
It’s common for complaints in healthcare facilities to touch on poor food quality. Mostly it’s either in quality, quantity, or both. We all know how senior adults, especially those with medical conditions, need healthy and nutritious meals. If a resident at the nursing facility feels like the quality or quantity of food has been compromised, it’s crucial to bring Los Angeles elder abuse lawyers on board and help you fight for your rights.

A lack of social stimulation
Nursing homes aren’t supposed to be some forms of prisons. Residents are supposed to be allowed to meet with friends and family for the sake of their mental health and social lives. Nursing homes should encourage regular social activity among their clients and scheduled visits for their families and friends. According to elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles, it’s important for the residents’ mental health.

Under-trained staff
What if someone told you that the surgeon in charge of your surgery would be handling an unsupervised operation on you for the first time in his or her career. It makes you feel anxious, right? Any injuries or damages incurred by under-trained personnel at the nursing home gives you the right to sue for personal injury compensation. A personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will investigate the case and determine the validity of the case and injuries inflicted by the under-trained staff.

Nighttime interference
A nursing home is supposed to be a home for the residents where they find comfort. Disturbances such as loud music, agitated neighbors, and lack of staff support during the night, qualifies as Nursing home neglect Los Angeles. A good nursing home ensures that every one of their clients receives good sleep, peaceful time, and healing during their time at the facility.

Take action immediately if you or your loved one has similar complaints in their current nursing home. Call us now to speak to a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles on any elder abuse claims and let us fight for your rights today!