Buses can be a great way to transport a lot of people. However, when they’re involved in an accident, the damage tends to be more catastrophic. Let’s take a look at five of the deadliest bus crashes in U.S. history to see what we can learn.

Mother’s Day Crash In 1999
Any personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will tell you that the deadliest bus accident occurred on May 10, 1999. On the holiday of Mother’s Day, a charter bus was headed from the city of New Orleans towards a casino resort in Mississippi. As the Los Angeles bus accident attorney on the case later revealed, the driver of the bus was high on marijuana. In the driver’s report, they blamed the cause of the accident on another driver who cut the bus offer. Swerving to avoid the collision, the driver high on marijuana took the bus across three lanes of traffic. After crashing into a guardrail, the bus went over a 50-foot embankment.

Carrollton Bus Crash
Most bus accident lawyers Los Angeles are familiar with the Carrollton Bus Crash that happened on May 14, 1988. It resulted in the death of 24 children and 3 adults. Unlike the previous accident, this was a church bus on the way to an amusement park. As the Los Angeles bus accident lawyer found out, a drunk driver struck the bus. This collision punctured a fuel tank that was underneath the bus. In a matter of seconds, scorching heat and flames came up through the floor of the bus and lit the inside components on fire.

Prestonsburg 1958
Any knowledgeable personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will tell you that Prestonsburg has had the largest bus accident casualties for many years. It rang in with 27 deaths and this one was a school bus. This accident was a result of the bus driver slamming into the back of a wrecker on the highway. According to the bus driver, the wrecker suddenly slowed down. The bus spun out of control after the collision and went into the freezing cold river. Due to the fast-paced water, the bus went under in minutes and swept away many of the children with it. 

Yuba Crash Of 1976
Any Los Angeles bus accident attorney can tell you that school bus crashes tend to be some of the most horrific. The Yuba City High School choir was on a bus in 1976 headed towards Miramonte High in Ordina, California. When the bus driver realized that the low oil light came on, he decided to take the next exit to add oil to the bus. When he attempted to navigate the 180-degree exit, he found out the brakes didn’t work. This caused the bus to tip over the railing and land on its roof. The instant crushing pressure left 29 people dead, most of whom were students.

Chualar Crash Of 1963
Probably the deadliest bus crash noted by any good Los Angeles bus accident lawyer is that of the Chualar Bus Crash of 1963. This bus was actually a makeshift one that was put together with a flatbed truck and a canopy. It was utilized to carry workers on private farm ground. When the makeshift bus attempted to cross a set of railroad tracks, it reportedly slowed down. An oncoming train smashed into the back of the bus and created a scene of devastation. All bus accident lawyers Los Angeles can reveal just how damaging bus accidents can be, especially to passengers.