Parking lots are a lot riskier than you might think. At the moment, drivers might be thinking of parking quickly, getting to the next destination, errands, or responsibilities. The reality is driving while distracted causes hundreds of deaths and injuries across the U.S.

According to the National Safety Council, over 60,000 people get hurt in parking lots every year. With one in five accidents happening in such high traffic areas, it’s best to remain aware of the possible risks. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself, other drivers, and nearby pedestrians.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles would recommend you follow these five tips to keep your property and others safe. At Gutierrez Law, we want to ensure you aren’t at fault or liable should someone get hurt in a parking area.

Avoid Parking at The End of An Aisle

  • As convenient as it might be, try not to park at the end of an aisle. Your vehicle is more susceptible to getting hit by turning vehicles. You’re also at risk of getting struck while walking from and to your car.

Never Crowd Surrounding Vehicles

  • Have you tried “parking defensively” or backing into your parking space? That makes it easier for you to exit the lot and increases the chance nearby drivers will pay closer attention when leaving too. Be mindful that reversing requires your complete attention.

Always Back Out Slowly

  • Always back out slowly from your parking space! That might seem like common sense – but it often gets forgotten when drivers are in a rush. Adjust your mirrors and check for blind spots to avoid colliding with oncoming cars or pedestrians. If you’re in a parking garage, it’s imperative to remain alert for sudden accidents or distracted drivers.

Take Precautions

  • One in four accidents is caused by backing out, according to the National Safety Council. When you’re walking through a parking lot, be cautious of other drivers. Unfortunately, these accidents have resulted in half a thousand deaths and over 15,000 injuries annually.

Remain Alert and Increase Security Measures

  • Recent studies show there is a high risk of your car getting hijacked or vandalized in parking lots. Keep a lookout for suspicious activity and have your keys ready when needed. It ensures you keep your property safe.

Distracted driving is to blame for many parking lot injuries. If you’ve gotten hurt, share fault in an accident, or lost a loved one, speak to an auto accident attorney immediately! You can also visit our Car Accident Page for more information.