Tragedy struck on the 14 Freeway on the 14th of December. On that Monday morning, police found the body of a Palmdale woman who had been in a car crash. The victim has been identified as 20-year-old Veronica Garcia. She was driving southbound of the freeway when her 2017 Infiniti Q50 ran off the road and overturned, throwing the woman out of the vehicle and killing her. 

This was a single-car crash and the cause of it remains under investigation. Common causes of single-car accidents include distracted driving , speeding, and vehicle defects. However, authorities are still trying to find out what happened to cause this fatal accident.

Your Options After a Car Crash

Not all car crashes are limited to one vehicle and one person. In fact, most collisions involve multiple vehicles.

 If you have been involved in such a crash and you believe it owes to the carelessness of another driver, you can hold them accountable for your personal injuries and property damage. There are a number of legal remedies available to you, and you should hire a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to sort through them. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will help you collect the damages you are entitled to.

You Will Need Serious Help After a Serious Car Accident

A car accident that sends you to the hospital can have serious ramifications for your life. If you are required to undergo extensive and invasive surgery, it could lead to serious financial strain. You will need to pay the medical costs of such procedures, and you will not be able to earn revenue while you are recovering. Even when you are released from the hospital, you may not be able to resume your career. In fact, you may be plagued with a life-long disability.

Serious injuries require serious financial help. You should not be forced to shoulder the burden of these costs on your own. The best car accident attorney will know how to get you the compensation you need to rebuild your life. The best car accident attorney will be the only one to look after your interests.

Going Up Against the Insurance Company

If you have been in an accident, you will need to claim money from the other driver’s insurance company. This is not always easy. However, you should put the matter into the hands of your car accident lawyer Los Angeles

The insurer may try to contact you directly to offer a low-dollar settlement. Do not accept it. You should instead refer them to your car accident lawyer Los Angeles. It is best to leave all communication and negotiation to your attorney. This will reduce the risk of you saying or doing something that may undermine your case.

With the right pressure and evidence applied against them, most insurance companies are willing to offer adequate compensation. If you are confronted by an insurance company that refuses to settle in good faith, then you will need to launch a car accident lawsuit. Your attorney will gather the evidence necessary to develop your car accident lawsuit. Your attorney will use the facts of the case and the law to get you a proper settlement.