When you get into a Lyft, you expect your driver to be alert and awake at the very least. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for resident Margie Quibol, the 70-year-old woman who died in the crash.

It happened on the morning of April 4 in Tustin, California. Like most rideshare drivers, Andy Van Phan arrived on time to pick up Quibol. Shortly after, he fell asleep behind the wheel and lost control of the car. The vehicle collided with a nearby light pole.

Quibol sustained severe injuries and later died from them, according to the Tustin Police Department. They had also confirmed that Pham was driving negligently, causing the wrongful death.

Unfortunately, older drivers in the U.S. have significantly higher crash death rates than middle-aged drivers between 35 and 54 years old. CDC reports those 60+ are more vulnerable and susceptible to getting injured as well. The sheer force of the collision would have caused significant passenger harm had the circumstances not been as critical.

In any rideshare accident, concerned family members have every right to hire a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to sue the negligent driver and Lyft for the loss of their loved one. Because rideshare companies classify workers as “independent contractors” and the drive was en route, the case is likely to be complicated. Lyft might not offer a fair settlement for the rideshare accident in Los Angeles.

In a statement shared with CBS News, Lyft permanently deactivated Pham as a driver and assisted police with the investigation. They shared the following: “We are heartbroken by this tragic incident, and our hearts are with the rider’s family during this incredibly difficult time.”

Pham returned to court again on August 9 but pleaded non-guilty. There is no other news of his legal status or if Quibol’s family is suing for damages.