There are several things an Uber or Lyft driver might not know until they’ve been driving over a period of time. Multiple drivers have shared their insights with news outlets over the years. They’ve experienced some awful experiences – but also touching and funny ones.

In one recent article, an Uber Driver learned key traits bad passengers tend to show – from the way they talk to their gestures. This blog will give you a sense of how to detect when something is wrong on the next ride.

How To Tell A Bad Passenger In Five Seconds

  • If a passenger tries to get into the car with an alcoholic drink holding it. This is forbidden in most rideshares. However, the passenger can be inebriated upon arrival. Typically responsible passengers are aware of the rules and also the effects of drinking in a moving car.
  • Some passengers start the conversation either by messaging or a call with an impolite frame of mind. Respect goes both ways. These situations are likely to occur when the driver is late, or there is an influx of traffic. It’s important to remember that everyone is human and makes mistakes. It’s good to be professional and don’t take issues out on each other.
  • There is also this kind of passengers who attempt to add more people than the permitted amount. Normally one or more people can share a ride. The urge by the passengers to take such an act is a clear indication he’s a bad passenger.
  • The worst behavior is when the passenger doesn’t adhere to the safety belt rule. It could result in an accident with unforeseen injuries.

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