President Biden’s German shepherd Major actually attacked more people than the White House led on earlier this year. In March, it was reported that a Secret Service agent and National Park Service employee sustained puncture wounds. The President still referred to his companion as a well-behaved and sweet dog.

Newer emails reveal that Major attacked Secret Service agents continuously for a little over a week. The White House is under scrutiny by groups like the Judicial Watch for the discrepancy in public statements of the biting incidents.

On March 1, an email circulated stating there were three minor incidents. Following the notification of Major’s changed behavior, the New York Post reports Secret Service staff were sent an advisory email shortly after. Members were encouraged to avoid panicking and running. It also warned staff to protect their hands/fingers by keeping them out of sight. Between March 1 and March 8, additional emails between the staff confirmed Major had bitten agents every day of the week.

Many staffers were able to document their injuries, although they were not publicly released. Most bites punctured through the skin while others led to bruising. Any lawyer would find this evidence crucial in establishing the basis of their compensation claim.

Major and the President’s since-deceased dog Champ were returned to Delaware to prevent further attacks in response to the incident. With any dog bite attack, owners are typically liable for damages if their dog bites you on public or private property. Each state has its own statute of limitations to file a claim against the negligent party. In California any Los Angeles dog bite lawyer would encourage you to submit your claim within two years from the date of your injury. Should any staff member want to pursue legal action in D.C., they’d have three years to act instead.

The White House has not yet commented on the newly released emails. If you were attacked by a dog at work – like many of the victims in D.C. – you have a legal right to hold the owner accountable for serious to life-threatening dog bite injuries. To book your free consultation with our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, call (323) 999-3500.