California laws demand children under two years old to be in a rear-facing car seat. But the requirement doesn’t end there. Kids younger than eight are still required to use the federal and state-mandated booster seats. Failing to do so could show signs of negligence and result in having to hire a child injury lawyer in LA.

Booster seats are standard once a child has outgrown their car seat. It not only ensures their safety when you’re on the road but also provides an added layer of protection for their chest, neck, and back. The seat is slightly raised, allowing the seatbelt to have a snug and secure fit. Without it puts your child at high risk of the following serious injuries:

Head Trauma

Kids who don’t have a booster to sit in often complain about the seat belt rubbing against their neck. Sometimes they might try to resolve the issue by placing it under their arm or behind their head – which can be extremely dangerous. Children without proper restraints were four times more likely to suffer bad head injuries like concussions and cerebral contusions.

Spinal Injury

The shoulder and lap belt cannot fully protect your child from spinal or neck damage after an accident without the added elevation. The lap belt could ride up during a crash – pushing all the force toward the abdomen and back. Should the child reposition the shoulder strap behind their back, it would further the severity.

In the end, the last thing you want is for the seat belt to rest improperly against the neck or arms. If this is your first time purchasing a booster, a personal injury lawyer from Gutierrez Law would recommend that you visit the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website for guided tips and more information.