A family in Los Angeles is in agony looking for their loved one who was killed in a hit-and-run accident on the 91 Freeway near Compton. The woman was walking together with her boyfriend, heading to Compton.

Report Order Briefing from the family members reveals to the pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles that Jodelyn Kwok, 18 years old from El Monte, and her beloved boyfriend Michael Fiorillo, aged 24 years old, underwent a horrible accident this weekend. It’s also revealed that the accident happened on Saturday, April 30, at about midnight.

An eyewitness who was around the accident told California Highway Patrol that the driver of the ill-fated vehicle was driving eastbound on the 91 Freeway, to the West of Acacia Avenue, when the car lost control and rammed into the oncoming vehicle that Jadelyn Kwok and her beloved boyfriend Fiorillo were traveling in.

A Los Angeles car accident lawyer investigating the said accident told Report Order Briefing that the driver who caused pedestrian and car accidents was driving a Honda car model. The family and friends have been meeting at the accident scene daily with flowers to mourn these loved departed souls.

Mikaylee Kwok, Jadelynn Kwok’s sister, expressed her sorrow by saying that her sister’s smile always makes everybody in their family happy by being goofy and funny. She added that her sister always lit the entire world for all their family. Besides, Jadelynn Kwok’s brother mourned her sister by expressing his sentiments that he had lost someone he loved within the entire family.

Jadelynn Kwok’s brother added that her sister was always caring since she could prepare him some food whenever he was hungry. He said that his sister Jadelynn Kwok was always kind to him and that she could do anything possible to ensure that she got some meals even if she was far from their home.

Jadelynn Kwok’s best friend Lily Vasquez is organizing a fundraising initiative to ensure the total funds for Jadelynn Kwok’s funeral expenses are fully raised. Lily Vasquez decried why no action has yet to be taken against the victim who caused the death of her loving friend Jadelynn Kwok together with her boyfriend Michael Fiorillo and is still at large. She called upon a car accident lawyer in LA and pedestrian accident lawyer specifically to ensure the victim receives justice.

Lily Vasquez continued to express her sentiments due to the Honda driver never caring enough to check on the other accident victims, who was Jadelynn Kwok and her boyfriend Michael Fiorillo, now the deceased. Instead he took off.

Jadelynn Kwok’s family has raised concerns about burying the deceased Jadelynn Kwok and her boyfriend, Michael Fiorillo, in the same graveyard. The actual suspect description has not yet been released to the public since the driver is still on the run.

Since then, the general public has been called upon by the Police and Los Angeles car accident lawyer to forward any relevant information about the driver who is still on the run to CHP at 424-551-4000. If you or someone you know has experienced a similar accident, call our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to evaluate your case.