The job of a construction worker could conceivably injure or kill them. Even though precautions are usually taken beforehand, contacting a construction accident lawyer Los Angeles that residents might use can ensure that the worker’s rights are protected.

Our construction injury lawyer Los Angeles knows that some injuries crop up more often. These 10 accidents are what our personal injury lawyer Los Angeles sees as most common:

Slips or Falls
The use of liquids and presence of unattended tools are some of the things that result in unintended falls and can cause different levels of injuries or even death.

Excess Strain
Our construction injury attorney Los Angeles knows that our client’s hard work can sometimes translate into debilitating strains. Weather conditions can also cause heat stroke or frostbite.

Falling Materials
Working above the ground is standard in the construction industry, which puts the people below at risk of being hit by falling items.

Falling From Above
Those workers up above can also fall from where they’re working, which can be dangerous and even fatal in some cases according to our construction accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Collapsing Trenches
Those working on trenches can be victims to a collapse, which can lead to circumstances where any worker down below could lose their life.

Being Stuck
Countless pieces of equipment moving simultaneously can sometimes lead to workers being wedged in-between such items, causing injury or death.

Vehicle Accidents
Moving items on construction sites include vehicles that cause just as much damage as on the road.

Injury by Machine
The imposing size of machinery used on construction sites means that they can deliver deadly force in an accident.

Construction inevitably means interaction with electrical aspects like lines or wires that can result in a fatality.

Fires and Other Hazards
That electricity can come into contact with blow torches or pipes, which can cause fires, explosions, or both.

The Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles Residents Can Trust
The law firm of Oscar H. Gutierrez is ready to fight for victims of construction accidents. Over four decades, we’ve established ourselves as the construction injury attorney Los Angeles citizens can trust.