Aviation Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Commercial flying is still considered one of the safest methods of traveling. In fact, you are much more likely to be injured in a car accident than in a plane accident. However, when aviation accidents do occur, they are often tragic.

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents
Airlines and pilots are supposed to be diligent and take every precaution necessary. However, accidents can still occur even if all of the precautions have been taken. The following are common causes of aviation accidents.

– Bad weather
– Mechanical failure
– Pilot error
– Air traffic controller
– Violating FAA limits
– Fuel contamination
– Improper loading

Safety is Improving, but Plane Crashes are Still a Concern
Several steps have been taken in recent years in order to make travel safer. Although air travel is safer now than ever before, the accident rate is still a concern. A 2005 report showed that the accident rate is 7.23 per 100,000 hours flown. The death rate is 1.37 per 100,000 hours flown.

Who Caused the Accident?
It is never easy to determine who or what caused the accident. In many cases, multiple factors may play a role in the accident. It takes a lot of skill and experience to determine who or what caused the accident. That is why it is a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Hire an Airplane Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles
If you have been involved in an aviation accident, then it is best for you to hire an aviation accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Our attorneys have had extensive experience in investigating aviation accidents. They can determine who is responsible and help you get compensation. Our attorneys work hard to find the answers and compensation that you are looking for. Call now!