Top 5 Construction Hazards

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. One thousand people died in a construction accident in 2016. Construction workers make up 6 percent of the workforce, but they make up 20 percent of workplace injuries. Fortunately, 60 percent of workplace injuries can be prevented.

Most Common Construction Site Injuries:

Thirty percent of construction site deaths are caused by falls. Not using fall protection equipment in unstable working surfaces and in the unsafe use of ladders and scaffolding, can cause a work injury.

Struck by Objects
Ten percent of construction site injuries are caused by people being struck by objects. These accidents are often caused by vehicles. Construction workers have to make sure that their site stays clear of vehicles. Misuse of heavy equipment can also cause a person to get struck by an object. For this reason, it is why it’s important for every employee to receive the proper training.

Electrical Hazards
Electrical accidents cause 8 percent of construction deaths. Construction workers will need to identify the utilities before they start working. They will also need to use ground-fault circuit interrupters.

Caught in Between
Seven percent of deaths occur when a person gets caught in between the pipe and excavation These accidents often occur when a construction site trench collapses. The trench should be at least five feet deep.

Hazardous Materials
Construction sites have a lot of hazardous materials in them. There are chemicals that may spill and create a hazard. There are also toxic materials that can be inhaled. The proper safety equipment will need to be used in order to prevent accidents.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer
Many construction accidents are the result of the accident. That is why you need the help of a work injury lawyer. A work accident lawyer can review your case and determine who is at fault. Your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can and will help you get compensated.

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