When Attacked on Someone Else Property: Who is Liable?





Consider this analogy:

You are walking through a park to meet a family friend who already called she is there. Suddenly out of nowhere you were attacked, injured and robbed. The possibility of the assailant being nabbed in such a big park is slim. You may think that the assailant is the only one responsible for your injury and loss. However, the park operator will share some of the liability that arises out of the physical pain, injury and material loss. Premises liability law protects you from being injured on someone else’s property.

Being attacked is negligence based on premises liability law. Nonetheless, claims arising from premises liability could be complex. This is due to the difficulty in proving that the park operator or the property owner is negligent. Still yet, it is believed that the property owner should have taken security steps to ensure clients, patrons and users are safe on their property.

However, if the owner has taken necessary steps to ensure safety while on the property, he may not be held liable for the attacks. If you have been attacked on someone else property, seek the counsel of our premises liability lawyer. Establish if the property owner is liable for the attack, slip and fall, and work out a personal claim. This can only be done with the expertise of one of our premise liability lawyers.

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