Ride-Share Accidents: Who is Liable?


Anybody can become a ride sharing driver if you have a car that is accepted by the company. However, your insurance does not cover you as a driver for Uber, Lyft or Taxify. Knowing that car accidents cannot be totally avoided, a car accident lawsuit becomes confusing when it involves a ride sharing activity.

If you are an Uber, Taxify or Sidecar driver, you may need to consult with a ride sharing accident lawyer before it’s too late to weigh your options in the eventuality of an accident. Filing for personal claims as a ride sharing driver is near impossibility. The terms of service for these ride sharing apps, which have become widely accepted, do not provide the insurance cover you will need in any event of an accident especially in the absence of a passenger.

You are carrying out a business activity and your personal insurance cover does not extend to such. Therefore, filing for personal claims in a car accident lawsuit will not yield any positive result in the end. If the passenger does not suffer any injury, these ride sharing businesses are not positioned to pay for the damages to your car or that of the third party.

At this point, you are wondering whether you can become a ride sharing driver or you should quit if you are already one. Just remember that you are taking an uncalculated risk that neither your insurance company or the ride sharing app is willing to pay. Consult with a ride sharing accident lawyer to make a decision and know what you are getting yourself into.

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