How to Handle a Hit and Run Charge


When you make a bad judgment call in the event of an accident, just know you have nowhere to hide. In the United States, the law frowns bitterly at the hit and run especially if there’s a proven case of DUI or an injury emanates from the accident. Serious jail time is the eventuality if you or the other party has the best car accident attorney who can prove their case against you.

When an accident occurs and one party flees, that’s just pleading guilty even without a jury. Hitting and running amplifies a case from being compensatory to criminal. Have you been charged with hit and run? In consultation with your hit and run lawyer in Los Angeles, you can consider any of these defenses that are tenable for your case.

Prove It Wasn’t You

Arguably the best way to escaping criminal liability is if your hit and run lawyer is able to prove with enough evidence that it wasn’t you.

Find a Basis on Why It Shouldn’t Be Considered as Running

Using this option becomes essential if the other party reports the accident as a hit and run even if you didn’t. This odd situation will need an independent witness or even a video evidence to prove your case, or else you are in for serious time behind bars.

Absence of Injury or Damage

This is a rarity but if it applies to your case you can use the absence of damage or injury to prove your case. In the absence of physical damage to the car or injury to the victim, then there may have been no accident at all. Without an accident, a hit and run case has no basis.

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