DUI Accidents: To Sue or Not to Sue

Highway Patrol Police Car Next to Alcoholic Drink and Key
Highway Patrol Police Car Next to Alcoholic Drink and Key

Any injury or death caused by DUI needs the attention of a DUI accident lawyer in order to consider your chances of compensation. You have the legal choice of suing or not suing any driver driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI accidents can take two dimensions which will be further explained to you by the best car accident attorney; civil and criminal case.

Both civil and criminal cases against DUI accidents can be torturous and time-consuming, but with our dedicated DUI accident lawyers, it should be quite simple and easy. Let’s look at both civil and criminal cases as separate options that will be given to you by one of our DUI accident lawyer in Los Angeles;

If your DUI accident lawyer advises you to file a civil case, it means you are trying to receive compensation for the pain, suffering, medical bill, lost wages, damaged property and other financial pain that the DUI accident may have caused you. When filing a civil case, you are at a greater chance of getting the driver convicted. In this scenario, the convict insurance company will be looking towards an out of court settlement.

Regarding criminal case procedure against a DUI accident driver, you are not seeking any form of compensation. As will be explained by your DUI accident lawyer, you will be protecting the public by trying to punish the driver for the pain caused to you. In any event, a loved one died from an accident caused by a DUI driver, you can file a civil suit as the next step for wrongful death, unearned income, loss of consortium and compensatory damages.

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